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    Default Miteaway II SBB

    With a screened bottom board is it necessary to remove the entrance reducer when treating with Miteaway 2?

    I have read the instructions about removing the entrance reducer and that its as effective with a sbb as a solid bottom board.

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    Default Re: Miteaway II SBB

    I treated w/o the ER........... but then again, I did not have it on..........

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    Hi! Are you talking about MAQS (Mite Away Quick Strips) or Mite Away II? MAQS is effective with the SBB open or closed. MAQS MUST be used with as much ventilation as possible to the brood area. The entrance reducer must be removed and the SBB can be open or closed.

    If you have permanently reduced entrances (as some commercial beekeepers do), set back your top brood chamber to create a full width 1/2" air space across the front of the hive.

    Mite Away II needs closed SBB and reducers removed, absolutely.

    It is always important to remove entrance reducers when using any formic acid varroa control product.
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    Liz Corbett
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