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    Question Not racked yet

    This is my first mead. A friend of mine who owns a winery gave me a recipe for strawberry mead. I let it start in a bucket and after 10 days I removed the fruit and placed in a carboy. It continued to ferment for 4 weeks before slowing down and now stopping. Total time has been two months.
    1. Should I have racked before this week? What problem have I created by not racking before now?
    2. I wanted to let it mature for 1 year before trying. Can I bottle it and then allow it to mature...
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    Unless you do something to kill off the yeast- chemicals, freezing, etc. you may be bottling way too soon IMO. Mead tends to be a slow fermenter and even though it appears to have stopped, it may be in just a very slow state of fermentation. Beer is a few weeks' project, but mead is a much longer commitment. I'd be racking maybe to make more clear and that could stir up a more aggressive secondary fermentation for a while. Did you take any before and recent specific gravity readings?
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    1. No problem with the racking stuff. Professionals might do things differently. But then again, you have a friend in the business, that gave you the recipe...
    2. Ask your friend about how purchasing a hydrometer will help you know if you can bottle.


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