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    Default Accidentally Fed My Bees a Candy Board

    Well last fall I made up a few candy boards for just in case purposes. I used a couple of them but not all of them. I set them in my shed and forgot about them. A week ago I started organizing my equipment and I moved the candy boards (they were facing candy down) and discovered that black ants had moved in and were raising brood in the boards. There were thousands of ant. I tossed them outside and again forgot about them. A week later they were covered with thousands of honey bees. They had scarfed down about 3/4 of the candy.

    My pup loves to sit and watch the bees on the candy boards. My friends are freaked out when they see so many bees.

    Cant see any harm in it. The supers are starting to be capped. I wonder how the bees process the candy in the hive?
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    Default Re: Accidentally Fed My Bees a Candy Board

    Mike, that must be a sight, sorry I havent made it up there yet, just been straight out. You know how it goes in the golf biz. My hives are doing pretty well, couple are a little week, starting to feed the weeker ones to help them build up. keep in touch!

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    Default Re: Accidentally Fed My Bees a Candy Board

    It looks like you have some feed, not honey, to extract from your hives.

    Crazy Roland


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