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    Default more smaller or fewer stronger going into winter?

    To make a long story short. I started this year with 2, 8 frame overwintered nucs. Both got "swarmy" (1 end of june the other mid july) and between pre-emptive splits and captured swarms I now have 7 queen right colonies of varying size from 4-12 deep frames; all of which are pretty weak on stores.

    I now need to decide what my best strategy going into winter is. Separate from any feeding, should I treat them all as nucs and attempt to overwinter them individually. Or should I combine several together into stronger colonies.

    We started keeping bees out of fascination and wanting to learn about them. We had planned on building up to several full size colonies and some nucs each year to overwinter. But ending this season with 7 was a bit of a surprise.

    Honey production next year would be nice, but more important to us is to have the best odds of coming into spring with some bees to work with and continue to learn from even if they cannot hit the ground as a full strength hive in spring.

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    Default Re: more smaller or fewer stronger going into winter?

    Make as many 4-5 frame double deep nucs and feed heavy should have good results.....


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