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    For 3 weeks now I have had 2 queens in one hive laying. I had not looked in the brood box in a while then 3 weeks ago when I looked in there were supercedure cells on several different frames. Most had been distroyed but one had emerged. I found her on another frame and she was a big pretty girl already laying. I went a few more frames and found the marked orignal queen on another frame and she was also still laying. I figured what the heck I left them both in the hive. Well I looked last week and both were still in the hive laying. Today I looked and still both are in the hive laying. I have noticed that the new queen is always on the left side of the hive and the old is always found on the right side. Whats the worse thing that could happen with leaving them both in the hive?

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    When flow stops and weather goes bad they will most likely kill the old queen. Make sure they have enough room to lay.

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    You are correct in that when a mother/daughter share egg laying, each has their own area (usually old queen upstairs) and their own set of support troops/retinue. In the literature that's called an efficient supersedure. The young queen has dominance and as time wears on the old queens area continues to shrink. When the brood nest is being reduced, the old queen runs out of space, and sometimes swarms with a handful of loyal subjects.

    You need not take any action. The SS queen will be protected by a larger work force.

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    Would there be an advantage to split seeing as how you have two laying queens?
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