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    Default Re: What are these black bees??????

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazzandra View Post
    Some of these responses are bizarre considering the picture.

    These are bees that have been moistened by sugar syrup. It makes their fuzz lay down and makes them look blacker than they are. That is all.
    I think Kazzandra hit the nail on head.

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    Default Re: What are these black bees??????

    I think this thread too a turn a while back and people have been posting about black bees/carpenter bees in general, not necessarily the picture in the OP.

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    Default Re: What are these black bees??????

    Repeat from my post #9:
    I checked out your photo and I don't see any "black" honey bees, or any insect that looks like a bee and is black. Could you please be more specific as to the location of these "black" honey bees. Thank you.

    Okay, I magnified the image and took a very close look. All I see are a few bees, inside the feeder compartment that had been a little bit dampened by sugar syrup, and none that are black. You should get yourself a good look at some of the Apis mellifera mellifera, now those are truly black honey bees.
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