I have not treated my bees yet!!! But I fear that I am on the make or break point right now. I checked some burr comb the other day and the drone brood was infested with varroa. As far as SC, I am running all deeps with medium super 10 frame hives.

I am well aware that there are as many opinions as there are beekeepers. And I know what works for me may not work for someone else especially in other climate. For instance I have all my hives in full sun with reduced entrances and dont have any SHB or wax moth problems. But I wont say this is the answer to these problem for everyone. It just works for ME, HERE, in my location mostly I am sure due to our 100+ degree temps. I respect everyones opinions also but have to digest the info and try to make my own informed decisions.

My intent is to go to SC with part of my hives and stay with LC with the others and see how it goes. I am a newbie in that this is my first year with my own hives. But I have had bees on my property as well as observing/helping with my friends bees for years. This gives me two perspectives to look from. My friend is now out of bees but he had his locked in views. I on the other hand like to try new and different ways and prefer chemical free.