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    Default Re: Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    heaflaw, yes, initially the bees will try to enter at the end of the deep super (near original entrance) if you install the trap during the day, and field bees are already in the field. First step is to install the transition on the tree, close off all entrances and let the bees go through this transition, (you can see one attached to a tree in my photobucket) for a couple or three days. Then always try to mate the trap (your deep super) to the tree, very early in the morning,(before daylight and before the bees become active), or on a cloudy, rainy day when bees are not flying. Same principle as moving bees. This way the bees come through the transition, through the trap, then to the outside. They are then orientated on the front of the trap, not the rear. When the bees become active, the first thing that will happen is, guard bees will move to the front of the trap. Initially all you get is field bees, then housekeepers will start cleaning the trap and working the comb you have put in the trap. After a day or so add the unsealed brood, (no bees on the comb), and that brings nurse bees, more housekeepers, fanners, and the queen to investigate this brood, and to tend the brood. That is what gives you a perfect mix for a start, or to start depleting the feral colony.

    If you are going to trap next Spring, go ahead now, and install the transition on the tree, close all the entrances except the transition, and let them get used to coming and going, through it, and only it, on any days this winter they are flying. Construct whatever you are going to need to support the trap, (boxes, portable deer stand, cables) whatever, now, so when Spring comes all you need to do is slide the trap over the tree transition and seal the two transitions with duct tape.

    I don't recommend adding the trap now, (wait until you are ready to trap in the Spring,) as that will invite mice to move in.

    Hope this has been helpful. cchoganjr
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