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    Question Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    Now that I have found a wild bee colony and bees are excepting the hive body I've set in front of their hive with a queen cell in it, how long will it take the Queen to abscond? I think I have thought of a way to capture her on her exit but need to know when to place my gadget on the trap out.

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    Default Re: Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    I have a trap-out that is just starting to wind down now (Cone placed July 20th. Currently only 2-3 bees exiting per hour). If the queen shuts down laying fairly quickly (say, within a week), it'll still take 3-4 weeks before all the brood/eggs hatch out.

    Originally, I had planned on placing a large mesh box over the trap-out exit and work a nuc entrance with a feeder into the side of the box somehow. Logistically, this isn't feasible, I would need to check on them nearly daily. While the location isn't very far away, this isn't something I am willing/able to do at this time.

    Instead, I decided to roll the dice on catching the absconding swarm with four nuc boxes baited with swarm lure in various places around the trap-out. With luck, the queen will take up residence in one of these. If you have frames of drawn comb to add to these swarm trap boxes (I don't) this will help as well.

    Good luck in catching her.

    Paul E. Turley

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    Default Re: Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    the queen will not leave her brood. she must manualy be removed. I have never heard of a way to lure her out. good luck

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    Default Re: Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    The queen stops laying eggs when foragers fail to return with stores, once the brood has hatched out the queen often absconds the hive with the last bit of bees to find a better home. Now just when that happens varies from trap out to trap out. A trap out during a flow may see the queen leave in 5-6 weeks due to the amount of brood, but a trap out during a dearth with a small brood area and you may see the queen leave in the first few weeks. Some keepers use swarm traps to attempt to catch the queen. Jim
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    Default Re: Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    beeware.... The myth that you cannot get the queen with a trap is just not true. I trap several colonies each year and get the queen on virtuall every one of them. If I only want starts, I put her back in the feral source. If I want to eliminate the colony I move the trap with the queen in it.

    Go to the Kelly Bee Company Website and read about the Swarm Harvester. If you don't understand how the system works, contact me at cchoganjr@scrtc and I will send you instructions and photos of actual bee traps in progress.

    No charge for this information and service to beekeepers.

    Will work every time.


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    Default Re: Wanting to get the queen from a trap out. HOW?

    I went to Kelley's website and looked at it. Yes, please explain how it works. Someone wrote a negative review on the Kelley website because they could not understand how it works, so maybe you ought to write an explanation for them too.

    When did my first few trapouts, I would have sworn there is no way to get the queen, but I now agree with you. This year I did 2 trapouts and I got the queen in both cases.

    I think it has to do with the brood. If there is brood there, the queen would rather die than leave it, but if there is little to no brood, the hive will abscond within the first couple weeks of no food and water coming in. The queen will leave with all the bees in a swarm.

    The thing newbies need to keep in mind is that she may still be pretty fat and not able to fly well, so the trapout should allow her to walk out and into the trap without having to fly.

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