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    This past week my family and I traveled to Mt. for vacation. On the way we visited Yellowstone and then traveled over to Polson and the Flathead Lake area to visit Glacier National Park. While in Polson I placed an order with the folks at Western Bee to be picked up from their factory to save on shipping. I ordered 8-frame supers and other items which took a day to make which worked for us. It allowed us to visit Glacier and the surrounding area for the day. I have ordered from them before and would highly recommend them; great people to deal with. I would also suggest that if you get the chance, go see visit Glacier and Yellowstone. We liked Yellowstone for viewing the wildlife; we saw elk, deer, black bear, grizzly and bison. Glacier is spectacular for the mountain views. These parks are truly national treasures; it's a shame that they will be facing funding cuts in the future.


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    Agreed, never been unhappy with the woodenware we have gotten from Western Bee. Worry not about our wonderful Parks, perhaps they will have to be funded a bit more by the folks like us that enjoy them or worst case would be that they would revert more to something like our current wilderness areas. Perhaps not a bad thing? And perhaps fodder for another Forum as well. Once while in Yellowstone I thought I had come upon an accident as large numbers of people were running the same direction. I soon realized that everyone was trying to get a better view of a bull Elk. No wonder people get hurt in those places.
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    I agree on both points. Have been doing business with Western Bee last cpl of years and they have been great to work with.

    My wife and I were in MT a few years ago in Sept and went to Glacier National Park, it was so beautiful. Going to the Sun Road is spectacular. It amazes me that people went thru there in wagons and horses. If you ever get the chance it is worth the trip.

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    Not too many people went up and down the Going to the Sun road accross Glacier Park on wagons and horses. It was purpose built for skunk wagons in 1934 i think. However you cross it, it is a wonderful place that one must see. This year there were still huge snow banks along the road August 8th. It has already snowed a little there this fall! And Western Bee is a good outfit.


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