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Thread: Honey toffee

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    Default Honey toffee

    I made some last night.

    Heat honey 1 1/2 cups on stove to 280 F (use candy thermometer).
    Spread out on greased parchment paper.
    Let sit for 10 min then take off paper and pull tell color changes (couple of minutes).
    Roll into big ball and chill for 10 min (I used fridge. Freezer may be better).
    Cut into four pieces and roll into long sections. Too warm its hard to cut (sticky). Too cold its hard to cut (fractures).
    Top each with toasted sesame seeds, crushed red pepper, salt (kosher), or nothing.
    Cut into pieces . Might need to chill it a couple minutes 1st.
    Keep separate or they will form a glob.

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    Default Re: Honey toffee

    This weekend............... thanks for the recipe! G
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