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    Default Confused on feeding sugar syrup

    This is the second summer of my hive....2 brood boxes and two supers , all 8 frame mediums. The supers are full of uncapped honey...they just wont seem to cap it so i just left it for the bees, figuring they didntcap it for a reason....they need it more than i do. My question i need to be feeding them sugar syrup or should the uncapped honey suffice? Suggestions?

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    Default Re: Confused on feeding sugar syrup

    They won't cap honey cells until the nectar is dried enough, but also, not until the cell is full. It should be ok for them to over winter on, but they may still get a fall nectar flow in which case they will finish filling and capping the cells
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    Default Re: Confused on feeding sugar syrup

    Growing season is not over yet and they have enough to survive.


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