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    Exclamation Modified Brushy Mountain Front Porch Feeders

    Got the idea from this post:
    I also use the yellow plastic entrance feeders (got mine from Brushy Mountain) and have experienced the exact same issues as you described. However, I do not plan on switching anytime soon (although I need to buy the bigger size). To eliminate having to pull out the feeder to refill everytime, simply drill a hole according to the diameter of a cork (or some similar stopper you have readily available) and buy a small funnel from a dollar store (or make your own I suppose). When the feeder is empty, remove the cork, stick in the funnel and fill'er back up - even gets it full to the top unlike the small space left over from filling it the traditional way.
    Thanks for the great idea, Jim! I used a one inch auger on my drill and added some sink stoppers!
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    Default Re: Modified Brushy Mountain Front Porch Feeders

    very nice


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