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    Default Removal in the rain

    Good Day -- I had a removal from a fallen log scheduled for this morning. Usually I wouldn't do it as it is raining but wondered if anyone has done one in the rain. I was thinking of putting an easy up tent over my workspace and getting to work. Figure the bees will bee grumpy about it, but they will all be there and I can suck them up in the bee vac.

    I am putting them in a top bar -- so the cooler weather will make it easier to tie in the comb as it has been quite hot and last week I cancelled out on a 105 degree day with 100% humidity.

    Any thoughts? Am I crazy?

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    Default Re: Removal in the rain

    Are you crazy? Hmmm, you have BEES, don't you? You do removals too....Yes, I'm afraid you're certifiable...(jk)

    The tent sounds like a plan..I don't like working while being rained upon. I would suit up for the girls, in case they are grumpy.

    Wish we had your rain here in IN.

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