Had a major beard 3 days ago on this hive. Then 2 days ago, major beard. One day ago, no beard. Almost nothing. My knee gave out last week and was not able to get out to go add box or see if they even needed space.

Electric company was out around perimeter today with backpacks on; looked like they were possibly going to spray chemicals - if the electric company even does that.

Came home today, was told lots of dead bees in front of hive. Took my walker and went out to apiary. Thousands of dead bees. Probably 3 cupsful on just the hive stand. Maybe another 5 cups on the bottom board. Lots more on the ground in front of the hive.

The hive was totally empty. No stores. No larvae. 10 days ago only evidence of a very few beetles and it had lots of beautiful brood.

I didn't think an abscond usually meant dead bees?? The comb was still beautifully intact - doesn't look ravaged, as with robbing. There was evidence of 6 or 8 uncapped queen/swarm cells.

What happened, ya guess? Would a spray kill that quickly. I have 2 other hives - further away from the road (further from possible spray area), and they don't seem affected - as yet.