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    Exclamation help help help (Meekly needing help right away)

    This seems to be a never ending problem for us. We had several hives that were fed into thinking they were having a banner year, starting swarm cells and numerous bees. We split them by taking the old queen and five frames of brood and honey into a new deep hive body. That was five days ago. this evening we were in the yard checking the bees and noticed a large cloud of bees in the air, my H saw a really big bee fly by and then we noticed they had landed on a branch in a nearby tree. Sure enough it is a small swarm. We can't tell which one of our hives it is from but we are wanting to catch it. The only Deep I have right now is our bait hive and it has swarm lure in it. Can I catch this swarm and put it in the bait hive?
    There is one of the splits we have not seen a queen in. If we cant identify her in a week or so could I combine the swarm with them?
    It is not a big bunch of bees but we don't want to loose them or the queen.
    Thanking anyone who can help!

    Shirley & Ed

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    Default Re: help help help (Meekly needing help right away)

    yes for sure you can put it in your bait hive. I would give your splits at least 3/4 weeks to make sure you dont have a virgin running around in there. if you are thinking about doing a combine in the future make sure you put your hived swarm as close as possible to the hive/s you will might be combining with either that or take it away completely to another yard.


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