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    Default Trap out question

    I received a call last night from someone that just had a swarm move into a shed wall.
    I've had good luck in the past with placing a new queen in a hive and putting a cone over the entrance to trap them out.Due to the heat I can't get a new queen for almost 2 weeks.
    Would I be better off to put a frame of brood in to attract them or wait until I can get a queen?I was thinking it may be easier to get them out before they get established.

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    Default Re: Trap out question

    I dont do a lot of trap outs but whenI do I use a frame of brood with eggs last one I did I made 4 new hives out of it.
    Good Luck
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    Default Re: Trap out question

    A swarm that just moved in will trap out faster than if you wait a couple of weeks. In two weeks they will have started building comb and the queen will have brood started, the sooner you can start the better so go with a frame of brood/eggs, you may even get the swarm queen but wouldn't count on it. Jim
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