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    Angry No Brood, No Queen

    Hello all! I am looking for (hopefully) some reassurance. I am fairly new @ bee keeping. I was never really impressed with the progress of 1 of my new hives. Last week I checked this hive and noticed very little brood but I did find the queen. I decided to sneak a peek again this week and found zero brood and no queen. However, I believe the hive is replacing the old, possibly defective, queen on there own, as I saw 2 queen cells that looked freshly hatched. I have 2 questions:

    1.) If what I am thinking is true, how long until the new queen confirms her dominance, mates, and begins laying eggs?


    2.) I just added my second box 2 weeks ago and they haven't hardly touched it, so with this summer being so hot and dry, and given the fact it didn't seem like such a strong colony to begin with, and also being this late in the year...I am 95% sure I will harvest no honey from this hive, but will they even be able to beef up the population and store enough for themselves to survive?

    I am just afraid that all of these factors combined will be a perfect storm that the new queen will not be able to weather and that my colony is doomed.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Default Re: No Brood, No Queen

    If they don't need the top box, take it off. They will waste heat from the brood area.

    Give her 2 weeks and check. Then give her another week if no sign of her laying.

    Consider giveing them another frame of eggs even though they don't need to raise another queen. The brood will help surpress a laying worker developing and help with their numbers.

    If she gets started laying well you may want to feed 1/1 or 2/1 if there is no necter coming in.

    If there are no other issues, with feed that could build up enough to store the fall flow and make it through winter.
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