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    Default Queen/ split question

    I want to split my only hive as soon as possible. Read Michael Bushes walk away split. Thinking about that. It will be the end of August before the split will start growing. Being in mid Ga (near Augusta) will this give time to get strong enough for overwintering? I know i could recombine, but just looking for any sage advice. I would like to use new queen from the one i have because she is doing very well. Thanks,

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    Default Re: Queen/ split question

    If you make split now you shouldn't worry. Besides your in Georgia. If Nucs over winter here in -20C then they could in Georgia.

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    Default Re: Queen/ split question

    If you purchase a new queen your split will take off in about five days and have time to put up stores with a small amount of supplemental feeding. Doing the walkaway you will have to pay closer attention to how they buildup and put up honey. If you only have one queen now and purchase one she might do better than what you have now, if you don't have another to compare her to.


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