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    Default Re: Minnesota Dreaming?

    You will be totally blown away if you go to Ely Mn. If you like to fish muskys and pikes are a blast to catch. It is beautiful up there and there is alot of things to do. If you like to hike bike ride etc. You can't go wrong I lived up there for 3 yrs in Minneapolis and Ely for the phone companies, of all the states I worked in Mn is my favorite. California is a beautiful state but everything there costs to much and everywhere you go you have to wait so you better have alot of patients. Montana is a great place to go to the people are really laid back and friendly. Oregon is beautiful and the redwoods are something to see. Washington to wet there for 3 months hardly ever saw the sun and I totally understand why they call it the suicide state sorry don't mean to offend anyone who lives there it is a beautiful state just rains all the time. Idaho has the most gorgious views you can look for. Maine is a real treat to it is just real swampy. Wisconsin is a great place to go to if you like to camp. Anyways hope this helps but Ely Mn great place. Enjoy where ever you go.

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    I would consider Itasca State Park located North of Park Rapids MN. It has camping, boat rentals, swimming, playgrounds, bike trails and rentals. Its also the headwaters of the Mississippi.
    It's a great place to relax and still has enough activity to keep the kids busy.
    Try a Google search for more info.
    At the moment all Mn state parks are closed due to a state shut down. It's looking like they should reopen later next week when they pass a new state budget.


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    Thanks for all the advice. I think I've got a place located that is a little bit south of the headwaters of the Mississippi. Trying to pick a lake area in the Northern half of Minnesota is a tough -- the whole place is one giant mass of lakes. Now, I just need for the jet stream to move a little bit South. I plan to take a day trip and jump over the Mississippi. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the kids will get what that means. Maybe I need to take them to Memphis some day.


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