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    Default Swarm trap question...

    Hi all-
    I'm a newbee in Chicago. I started this spring with two hives 6 stories up. On the 4th of July one of my hives swarmed. Miraculously (and I mean that), I was able to capture them, hurry and buy another hive and set them up. They seem happy and healthy in their new digs.
    So, here's my question. I want to bait some swarm traps on my roof and a neighboring one (the location they clustered on the 4th). What should I put in them? Where should I located them?
    My roof is about a quarter acre and the other is just a bit smaller. I can do whatever I want with either. So, fire away...
    Oh, I'm asking because I keep fretting that my other strong hive will swarm. The queen is laying eggs and all looks good but I have to admit I'm a worrier. Also, people in the city don't appreciate a black cloud of bees and I would like to remain as anonymous as possible! The local fire department has done awful things to swarms (not mine) in the past...

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    Default Re: Swarm trap question...

    The stronger hive: Split or 'open' the brood area. (read M. Bush)

    Old piece brood comb with no honey or pollen will do great. or/and some lemon grass oil. Do a search on the forum on swarm trap bait
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    Place your swarm traps close to your hives. I have lured 6 swarms on my 4 story roof in San Francisco by placing the swarm lures several feet from my other hives. I use old hive boxes with old comb and lemongrass oil rubbed on the entrance. They are all doing great now in their own hives making lot's of honey. Good way to get strong bees that are free.

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    Old black comb will attract wax moths. Be forewarned.

    I use LGO only with no problems and plenty of success. If you can use swarm traps that have had bees in them before you will have more success. If your hive is about to swarm you can swarm for them as previously recommended.
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