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    Lightbulb Queen cell questions??

    I have a few questions. I did a cut out and split the colony into 2 hives. Both are queen less and I only had tied in comb in one hive (didn't plan for split). July 5 I started these hives. The hive with tied comb has queen cell which were capped seen today during a quick inspection. One cell was damaged. What would cause this?

    I didn't add any brood or eggs until July 11 to the other hive. The quick inspection today showed at least five Q-cells and one of them was already capped. I remember reading some discussion on workers using older larva for cells but cannot recall it well. Could this be the case? Is there any downfalls to them using older larva?


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    Default Re: Queen cell questions??

    Since no one else has answered you I will make an educated guess. I would say with them being queenless and the time frame that you have had them that they attempted to make queens out of larvae that was too old so they then tore down the cells theirselves. The larvae must not be over 3 days old. I would guess that you need to order queens before the laying workers start. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Queen cell questions??

    I set up an observation hive on July 2 and left them queenless, but with eggs, larva, etc. There was a capped queen cell 72 hours later. In total they've started a couple dozen cells, capped 9 of them and destroyed all but 2. The one that was capped at 72 hours was one of the ones that they destroyed. From what I've read this isn't all that unusual.



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