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    Default Newbee...first swarm question?

    Got back into bee keeping after 15 years.
    Started my first hive this spring, they are doing great.
    Lucked out and found my first swarm 10 days ago. I captured as many bees and was pretty sure the queen and put them in a deep box with empty foundation. I checked them today and they have the nicest pattern on 4 of the frames (both sides). I think I saw the queen, but was unable to find any eggs larva or anything to that effect. No queen cells or anything to that effect. Question is how long should I wait before I get a new queen or should I take a frame of brood out of the other hive and put it in the swarm box now?
    I've read till I'm confused! Thanks for any input.

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    Default Re: Newbee...first swarm question?

    It would not hurt to put a frame of brood now. You cannot requeen until you are able to find and kill the old queen.

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    Default Re: Newbee...first swarm question?

    Yes, a frame of brood with new eggs would be the ticket. If they don't need a queen, it will still boost their numbers. If they DO need a queen, this will be timely.


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