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    Default Using Auctions to Equip Honey Room

    My sister equipped a new coffee bar and passed along a great link for an on-line auction.

    This link is for those that might live near the Kansas City Missouri or Topeka Kansas areas. I'll bet there could be similar auctions in other areas of the county.

    She bought a double stainless steal sink for $25 and picked it up 20 miles from home.

    Anyone else had luck with auctions?
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    Default Re: Using Auctions to Equip Honey Room

    I've had some luck, but not necessarily for the hive.
    I've also gone to local restaurant auctions and have picked up stainless steel equipment

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    Default Re: Using Auctions to Equip Honey Room

    I tell everybody I know that auctions suck.... That way the deals are better for me
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    Default Re: Using Auctions to Equip Honey Room

    We have a free internet classified service locally that gets hundreds of items posted daily and read by people all across Ks and some surrounding states. Not an auction, but better as far as I'm concerned. Many on-line auctions add things like buyer premium, fail to notify if you get outbid and similar issues. Many on line auctions are great services, others are a little weak. And, as Dad always said 'if can be a lot of fun when two fools and one auctioneer meet up'. I prefer direct buyer/seller deals, but that's just me... and thousands of others in our area.
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