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Thread: earwig problem

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    Default earwig problem

    I've been breeding queens this year and the mating nucs get packed with earwigs. I have them set an a 8x8x16 cement block.I run about 150 nucs so I can't really build stands this time of year, Some of the bees take off and I'm not sure if this is the reason why. I need some ideas.

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    I have battled earwigs for years here. They winter underground, and hide under anything during the summer, that is cool and moist and near a food source. The only way I have found to keep them down is with poison. I use Spectracide. I hate to, but if I didn't, they would soon be in my house, carrying my refriderator out the door. I'm not joking. They have stripped a 10 by 20 bed of 10 inch tall cauliflowers in two nights, before I could get them under control. That's what happens if I don't bomb them. As a matter of a fact, I just dosed them today because I saw them climbing on my two garden hives, and they were even eating my tobacco plants. Good luck, but get them first, before their numbers explode. And they will explode.


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