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    Default Do you think my hive will accept this queen?

    This was a colony that was supposed to be Carniolans but was somehow mixed with another order. They are either Buckfast or Italians. The queen is hygenic. Anyway, the hive swarmed 9 days ago and I squished the swarm cells. Before I placed the cage in the hive I pinched 3 more queen cells (and harvested the royal jelly to boot).

    I left the cage in the hive for 40 hours.

    Here is a video of the queen:

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    Default Re: Do you think my hive will accept this queen?

    I think so... if they don't squeeze here in the cage after 40 hours then good.

    My method that works...
    leave hive queenless for at least 2 hours. Spray the bees well with eucalyptus oil mix with water.
    spray queen and let her run.
    As long as there is young bees and no worker layers.


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