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    Default question about 5 frame nuc construction

    Hi all.
    I constructed my double nucs in the following manner.
    I took a standard deep hive body and divided it in half by cutting a slot in the center that is the same width as the plastic sheet that is used to measure mites. then i cut the plastic sheet to size and used that to seperate the deep hive body into two nucs.
    Each half had it own entrance on opposite sides of the box. Each nuc was seperated by a solid botom and top boards. ventalation was made possible by using holes cut in the bottoms and tops of each hive that was then covered with window screen.

    I think that the bees can still smell eachother even though they are seperated by a plastic sheet and can not reach eachother.

    My first round at grafting I used 3 of the above boxes to put my capped queen cells in. However, only 1 queen from each box hatched/mated and started laying eggs.

    I am now wondering if the hives could smell eachother and the workers torn down the queen cells themselves?

    I quess i am just looking to see if I should atempt this type of nuc box configuration in the future?


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    Default Re: question about 5 frame nuc construction

    Sounds like there is a "leak" somewhere... one thing that may help is to try using split tops with the partition extending up between them... make sure that the partition covers all of the corners and has no gaps... you are right, they can smell each other, no matter what you do, they know that a rival is living next door, but so long as you can keep them away from one another and cover the rival queens scent as best you can (a feeder or a frame of honey on the inner wall will help), you will be fine... the next thing to look at is the position of the entrances on the sides... getting them uniform may also case this problem... marking one white or green with a open center square and the other blue or yellow with a simple plus sign will help if they are uniform... you could also tack a strip of wood to one side at an angle to change the shape from the queens perspective and thus make it appear less uniform so she can easily see the difference between her colony and the next...

    Hope this helps.


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