So I've got a trap out going on a big, dead, trunk of a maple tree. It's one of five trunks coming off the butt. I trapped out one hive, pulled the trap, went out of the country for two weeks, thinking the tree colony WA done for, and came back to find it booming again! Homeowner was ok with resetting the trap, so I did. Problem is that this time, the bees have started coming and going from a plethora of cracks and rot holes in the butt. I've already put a whole can of spray foam into the trunk and they have found a couple more holes!

Homeowner has agreed to let me try to seal it up one more time tomorrow, but is growing weary of the huge cloud of bees in their yard.

Cutout is not an option, but the homeowner is ok with a "smaller number of bees in the area to pollinate the garden". So if I can't seal the tree tomorrow, here is what I'm wondering:

Can I smoke the tree with sulfur (or something else?) to kill everything left in the tree, but keepnthe honey and pollen stores useable? This would allow me to leave the hive (currently has about three frames of bees) to rob out the tree, and build up during the su mer dearth without me having to feed.

Basically I want To make the tree uninhabitable, without ruining the stores. Thoughts?