New to solitary bees. Our property is a certified wildlife habitat and I've been thinking about taking the next step and keeping bees because of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and I just like them. My wife isnít so sure about the work involved with honey bees, so Iím thinking about providing nesting tubes for solitary bees like Mason Bees to start.

Iíve spent a good amount of time at Knox Cellars, Crown Bees, Hutchings Bee Service, and Solitarybee's blog and Iím torn between going with blocks and tubes or trays. I have access to a complete wood shop and Iím contemplating knocking up a couple of each to see which works best. Iíve also collected Teasel stalks and Phragmites from previous years to try reeds as well.

Any advice for a newbie from any experienced keepers would be appreciated.