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    Default Look what came flying by :)

    This is the only trap I have of this kind.. I knew it would be a pain to transfer bees but I already had it and kinda wanted to see it in "Action" ...

    This year it has been really dry... NO honey, trees dying and no hay or grass for the cows.. In short it's been pretty bad for all creatures around here. The Girls have been working over my wife's garden so much that they have just about driven her out.

    In the last few weeks we have finally gotten some rain and things are turning green.

    I live in an area that has been used by the Weavers, for their bee operations, for a long time and bees are just everywhere.. I have 8 traps out and this is the very first swarm I have seen this year, with the exception of a very small one about a month ago.

    Just about an hour before dark my wife was working in her garden and saw this swarm fly over her garden house and land on the trap... This picture was taken about 20 minutes after they started arriving and most of the swarm is on the inside of the trap.

    Just before dark I lowered the trap, sprayed everyone with sugar water and installed them in a 5 frame nuc with a frame of old comb and a fresh quart of my finest sugar water... They don't know how lucky they are

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    Default Re: Look what came flying by :)

    Well done!


    That's the best way to use those swarm traps.

    Put them where you can keep an eye on them and don't give them a chance to build comb.

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    Default Re: Look what came flying by :)

    Wow! Nice work ! Great Pic too! Where is Whitehall ? I just returned from 2 back to back trips to W TX in June.

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    Let me google that for ya.
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