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    Cool First hive 2 weeks ago!

    Hi all,

    I live in Bloomfield, NY, and we have a great active bee-keeping community in this area. I have 16 acres of natural settings with tons of forage, and surrounded by many more acres of farm and open land.

    Last year I had a swarm move into an own-house, and through this I discovered bee-keeping wasn't the difficult thing I thought it was. However upon trying to move them into a hive I discovered my first pest: Hive beetles. Upon moving into a brand-new hive my bees left, and left me a mess to clean up.

    This year I tried to order a local bred and raised NUC/Queen, but the spring was so wet and cold it didn't get here until middle June and I received a queen from CA. Ugh.

    I moved my new bees into my hive/super after 2 days of orientation class, and they seem pretty happy now. I have a population explosion going on right now, even though I had an ant attack that I thwarted. I may need to make a new reducer with a little more room sooner than I thought!

    I am trying my best not to smoke and inspect but just keep an eye on how many are going in and out. I can assume I have a queen since my bees are going nuts in population.

    Anyhow a lot more to my story: tons of hobbies (electronics/weather) and outdoor stuff going on around here. I am mostly raising bees for the pollination and curiosity side of things, not going to bother with honey until next year... if they make it. I'm not holding my breath after getting such a late start.

    -Mark W.

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    Default Re: First hive 2 weeks ago!

    Good Luck!
    I would recommend doing an inspection at least twice a month.
    Besides making sure things are ok in the hive, it is great to see what is going on behind closed doors.

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    Default Re: First hive 2 weeks ago!


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    At the risk of showing my ignorance....What is an "own-house"? -james


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