Hello -- I'm in the mtns in Jackson, Wyoming, and started with a single hive in early May. Spring was extremely wet and cool, ending with 'real' summer on 6/21 or 22, not that long ago.
This hive swarmed one week ago, but I managed to catch the swarm and hive them in a super I had already prepared.
Things seemed to be going pretty well with both hives, and I was thinking of a day this week to inspect both.
This morning the old hive swarmed again! I'm not prepared to make another capture, but I followed the swarm to their first resting spot. They've formed three distinct cones around the trunk of a small spruce, each separated from the other by several inches.
I'm not sure what to think, or do, now... I actually am not prepared for three hives so I'm letting the swarm roam, but I was caught off guard by the quick re-swarming, for one. The three separate swarm bodies are kind of curious, also.
Just another day in the life of the bee, I guess, but it's made for an interesting week.