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    Default Finished my first cut-out today...

    I finished my first cut-out, in a utility room of a local motel. I got a ton of bees, honey, and honey comb, but brood was spotty and all I found was capped brood - I saw no eggs or uncapped brood. I could not locate a queen either. I suspect there is not one.

    The guy who called me stated he had tried spraying to kill them and there were thousands of dead bees littering the area. I am guessing he might have killed her with a lucky shot of bug spray a few weeks back.

    I did get enough bees to start an 8 frame deep and a five frame nucleus - both packed full of bees. I have enough honey to feed back to them now so that winter should not be an issue either. I guess I need to buy a couple of queens. Darn shame, as I was wanting her genetics. I am almost positive that these bees are carnies that escaped from someone. They look and act identical to my own carnie hive.

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    Default Re: Finished my first cut-out today...

    Congratulations ! You did very well in that grab. Too bad about your queen, though. It would have been good to have her genetics. They ought to put "Not for use on honeybees" on the cans of spray.


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