Hi! I am a newbee, starting out with two hives this spring. Today I was visiting the hives and after a routine inspection, my weaker colony began to swarm. I didn't know what I was seeing at first (robbing?) but it was definitely swarming. They took up residence on an enormous flower pot at a nearby playground.
Basically, I got the vast majority and the queen into a cardboard box (a frame of honey in the box). I've never done this before and I made the girls very angry.
I got the box back to my hives and I cut open a flap and put it under the entrance with the hopes that they and the queen would walk in. Should I have done more? The crew was very angry and confused and I am a bumbling amateur. Anyway... suggestions accepted, it's been an unusual day.
p.s. additional info- This colony had no (zero) eggs and larva in the second hive body, only honey and pollen stores.