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    I dont see any point for wire or dowels. With the test I just did with my hive using wax foundation as the starter the bees build evenly across the frame and fill it top to bottom. Or at least that's what happened in my test. There is no need for extra support. Bees dont really like wire in the hive anyway, I'm not so sure about a timber post in the middle of their work area either. You are right though about the drone comb being built on the outside edges of the frames. A good place for might control! When you find the mights have attacked the drone it is easily cut out and the bees can rebuild in a day or so.
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    The main reason for extra support is for those who put their frames in extractors. I use crush and strain so I prefer foundationless. My experience is with medium frames however. With deeps I suppose extra support might also assist with basic handling so the comb doesn't break out.
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