May my experience serve as a warning to others. I'll make this as short as possible. A few weeks ago I spent $950 on frames at Betterbee and also got their pro uncapping fork. Got around to putting it away this week and noticed one of the prongs was shorter than the others. Called them up, explained what was wrong and that I'd like another one and sent it back (my expense) for an exchange. Got a call today telling me it was not defective, they would not ship another one without me paying for the shipping and that they would only refund my credit card less 10% restocking. They are so misguided. I explained if they did this they would lose a customer forever. They don't care, they don't care I just spent $950 a few weeks ago, or that last year bought 40 packages from them, they don't care that for $2.30 they have lost a customer forever.