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    Default Supercedure split question

    I think I rolled my queen last week when performing a split. The hive is rocking, capped and uncapped brood, two honey supers on. There are no eggs and the bottom deep is honey bound.

    There are thirty emergency queen cells on the frames in the top deep. Some are uncapped with larvae and some are capped.

    So is there any reason why I can't split the hive into quarters with emergency cells in each nuc and an equal amount of nurse bees in each?

    I know I won't get as much honey and here it is July 3rd.

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    Default Re: Supercedure split question

    Thirty emergency queen cells sounds like a lot...I believe those numbers indicate swarm cells rather than supercedure. At this point if your queen is gone (be doubly sure - I've had a tricky-to-locate queen this year) I would leave the frames for now to make themselves queen-right again before I started making splits.
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    Default Re: Supercedure split question

    Your hive is going to swarm with that many queen cells. If you want more hives,then i would make splits because your going to lose at least half your bees anyway. The old queen is probably in the bottom box ready for flight. If honey bound, she had no place to lay. You will have to divide the honey up for your splits and start feeding them, in my area it takes 50 to 80 lbs. of honey for winter stores i don't know how much for your area. Good luck. Jack


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