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    Default Hello from Mandeville, LA

    I'm new to beekeeping and at this point I am simply gathering equipment and preparing for Spring 2012. I was inspired this spring by a swarm that took up residence in a large upside down terra cotta pot in my backyard. I called a local beekeeper who specializes in live removal. He was very patient and spent some time with me and the bees before wrapping them up and taking them to his bee yard. The bees had probably been in the pot for a few weeks when I discovered them and had built some beautiful comb. I was very cautious when I first discovered them but they were very focused on their mission and my work in the backyard had not disturbed them in the days prior to their removal. Unknowingly I even ate a banana a few feet from the terra cotta hive with no dire consequences. I then read something negative about bananas and bees but I guess the girls in my backyard didn't read that article. I've had a fascination with bees since my youth when in the 1970's a swarm stopped to rest in my parents backyard pine tree. In scouring the web and reading books I've come across some really good info. I've joined a state club, haven't made it to a local meeting yet but I'm really looking forward to it and finding a mentor. These forums have a wealth of information. Thanks to you all. Happy beekeeping.
    Alethea B

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    Welcome Alethea!

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