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    Default Re: Salt water swimming pools

    loggermike: The Fatbeeman has a youtube video about if you are having trouble with bees getting into pools place a 2 lb salt block by each yard and your problems will be solved!
    I know you beeks have already mentioned that it is, " Not the Salt" , but what the heck it is still worth trying!
    Do a search and pull up the vid!
    Best of luck to you! Mtn. Bee

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    Default Re: Salt water swimming pools

    Watched the video.But it didn't actually show any bees on the salt block. Has anyone ever seen bees on a salt block?

    I'm thinking if the bees want salt water,then adding some dissolved salt into my water barrels might work. I always put a glurp of bleach (that's a little bit more than a splash) into each 50 gallon drum of water.It was my understanding that the chlorine bleach broke down into salt.But maybe they need more.
    Thanks for the tip,Mtn bee!

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