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    Default Hello from Santa Cruz County, CA

    Hello everyone
    I have been reading all I can, visited a few hives and signed up for a class. My brother handed over all the equipment with 3 hives...lots of shallow honey supers (that is what the 4 inchers are called, correct?) - eight of these
    The foundations are the pre-wired wax type. I haven't yet tried to assemble this
    The deeper 9 inches or so? brood boxes - I have three of these..
    There is one hive kit still in a box...
    Extractor (hand crank), smoker, suit, hive tool, and one frame that has the round plastic foundation (I am guessing for taking these and selling comb/honey.

    I will put together the kit, paint the boxes (only 1 hive was out and painted) and place a hive or two in our backyard.
    I have a friend who has acreage and is allowing me to place some there as well..(He is 15 minutes away)

    I am signed up for a class in August. I was told I could start in August, thinking I should of started early spring. We are in a very mild climate.

    Looking forward to learning more.

    Larry N

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    Default Re: Hello from Santa Cruz County, CA

    Hi Larry,
    Welcome from Concord. Sounds like a score on the equipment.

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    Default Re: Hello from Santa Cruz County, CA

    Welcome Larry! Have you heard of or found the Santa Cruz Bee Guild? We meet the first Wed of every month. Here is the link,

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    Default Re: Hello from Santa Cruz County, CA

    Welcome Larry!


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