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    Default 4 queenless hive combine

    I had 2 LW hives that I combined just because.Had another hive go queenless,so I combined it with the other.Moved a trailer of bees&left a catch evening came back&got 2 supers of workforce bees.I combined these also.This was over a months time putting them together.It's been 3 weeks since I checked on it,knowing it's queenless.Finally got a little swarm in a water meter,nice queen,had enough comb for 3 frames.went to get the big queenless colony set for a combine,clear honey out of the way,put drawn brood frames in the bottom.Welllllllll,I go over with my little swarm& I see bees fighting ,look on the ground&there's a pile of bees.I decide to go in the hive& found a nice little queen.guess I'll put little swarm in a nuc&check back in a week to see if she is alive&laying.

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    Default Re: 4 queenless hive combine

    Occasionally the breaks do go the right way.

    Good luck on the nuc.



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