I have found a couple bee trees in the area I live and I was wondering, if I wanted to catch a swarm coming off these trees, how close/far would you put a bait hive?

One of the bee trees is a Eucalyptus in my yard that I am going to leave feral, but I would like to try and catch a swarm off of it either this year or next, so if I was to put a bait hive up, how far away would you put it? I have a grove of about 15-20 Eucalyptus trees and the closest other trees are about 300 yards or so away.

The other bee tree is in a creek area in city limits. I am thinking about putting a few bait hives in that area for next spring, and its only a hundred yards from where I caught my first swarm this year!! It should be pretty easy to paint up a green camo nuc and set it where people wont screw with it deep in the tree area!!

Also, I made some Coates nucs which I intend to use as bait hives, I plan on putting a few frames with foundation in them and I think I read about lemon grass oil on a cotton ball or something??

Thanks for any help in putting bait hives up!!..................Jason