Hello everyone from SW Oklahoma. Wish I had become interested in beekeeping several months earlier. Looks as if it's best for me to wait till next spring to get some hives going. I plan to get the equipment ordered this fall/winter.

This site has been an excellent resource and everyone seems to be very helpful when replying to posts.

We're having the worst heat/drought in about a century in this part of the country so it's best I wait and gamble on next spring being wetter than this past one. Currently, it's 101F with heat index of 107. The remainder of the week is forecast to be warmer than today.

I plan on using double deeps for brood, mediums above those and wooden frames with Plasticell or Pierco foundation.

Looking forward to learning something new and it's a plus the wife is willing to be a partner in this new hobby/venture.

Take care and send us some RAIN (please)