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    Default Hello from Ky.! husband and I are "newbees", having started with 2 hives last year, and added 2 more this year. We just took about 30 lbs. of honey off our strongest hive, and it is perfect...but we don't know what to do with it. Have been looking all over the internet and can't tell how, where, why to register hives...cant tell if we need a business licence or inspection, etc. There seems to be no reliable source to find all this info. Maybe someone here can help...?
    We keep chickens too, as a hobby, and have 5 wacky dogs who drive us nuts. Howdy!

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    Default Re: Hello from Ky.! in Delaware it's pretty simple. Our Department of Agriculture manages hives here, and they have a form that you fill out and send back. Even more interesting is the fact that they add a question asking if you're willing to do swarm removal. :-) Anyway, welcome and I would start with the State Dept of Agriculture.

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    Welcome! A lawyer will tell you you need to incorporate. A doctor will tell you you need a full health physical. Animal control will tell you to call an exterminator. Contact the agricultural agent about hive registration. Small amounts of honey can be sold without licensing, health inspection, collecting taxes or everything else that willl cost $12000 to sell a few ounces of honey.

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    Default Re: Hello from Ky.!

    Welcome! This discussion was the topic of the last beekeepers assoc. meeting i attended...You can contact Phil Craft at the KSBA in Frankfort Ky...His email address is:

    I also sent you a Ky bluegrass beekeepers assoc group invite here on!


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