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    Default Re: Blowing bees from supers

    Nope...I buy it at wally world...I just grin n bear it.
    The Buck queens came in this morning...a couple 1000 miles later. All were alive and well except for one dead attendant. Well done Ferguson Apiaries!
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    Default Re: Blowing bees from supers

    We use the blower too. Like it. We got a thing from a bee auction, paid like a buck or two.
    It is an old super on a wooden stand with the sides enclosed. It is approx 2 1/2 supers high. On the inside there is a sloped board where the bottom is a few inches off the ground. We set it in front of the hive and blow the bees back into the hive.
    I got hubby to line it with tin thinking it would be more slippery for them. Just gets more sticky. Think we will take it off

    Our blower hose has an end on it which is like the crevace cleaner on the vaccuum cleaner works well, when it does not fall off

    I will post a pic when we get it out.

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    Default Re: Blowing bees from supers

    For the harvest I did in MS last weekend I used a fume pad to force them down then blower to get the residual out right before extracting.
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    Default Re: Blowing bees from supers


    When we ran a few thousand colonies back east many years ago we always used a blower on our bees. I'll never forget our main man 'Percy" used to spend hours at it all day long and never complained. He'd have a huge pile of bees after blowing for an hour or so, as most of our yards were 50-70 hives. But please Mike, blow them out onto the grass or field, and not onto concrete !! Ouch that video hurt to watch. And good luck with your expansion, we all have our own ways of doing things.

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    What are you guys talking about? I have watched the vid and only read a couple pages of comments,....
    he is not blowing the bees against the cement, they are being blown across it, and its smooth. By the way everyone is commenting youd think he was blowing them directly down or into a wall.

    I blow bees out of supers also to collect my last round of honey. I use a cattle blower run by a generator back on the supply truck. Its quick and gets all the bees. Robbing gets bad here on the last round and we have to get in and out in under 3/4 hour and we have to work in all types of conditions. We blow them down into grass infrount of the hive. Mortality is next to nil. I have used acid, and I can tell you when that stuff gets flashing and not watched properly there can be huge mortality issues.
    I primarily use escape boards

    Just my 2 cents
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