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    Default Question on new trap out

    I started a new cut out on a small hive. I placed 2 frames of honey and sugar syrup in bait hive. A neighboring feral hive robbed the bait hive. I only have a couple of hundred bees from trap. I need to feed but sugar is robbed in a few hours. I also need to re-queen. Any suggestions on how to protect hive from being robbed? I am afraid bees will starve if I stop feeding but I cant afford to feed the whole neighborhood.

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    Did you put a frame of eggs & brood along with the nurse bees on that frame in the bait hive? That frame should of had honey around the edge plus a thousand or so bees on it, with the entrance reducesed to 3/8-1/2 inch robbing would be minimal. You might check and make sure the bees have not found a way back into the trap out hive. You say you only have a couple of hunderd bees from the trap, If the hive you are trapping only had a couple of hundred foragers and you figure that 25% of the hive is foraging then the whole hive has only a population of about 800-1000 bees total. Not sure if its worth your time, go trap out the feral hive, Jim
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