OK here is the deal, im going to Mississippi to help my dad (who is a first year beekeeper) do a cut-out. The hive is in a porch that is totally separated from the house so from what he has told me seems like they are limited to the porch. The owner doesn't care if we remove the face of the porch(it is a concrete slab). the owner says that the bees have been there for 5 years now but wants them gone because he is allergic. We have a bee-vac and all needed supplies. I know that we are to place the brood in the new box, im just wondering that if there is a lot of honey do we just place it in there as well? or break it up and separate the honey from the wax and feed it back to the bees. My next question is if there are enough bees, is it justifiable to start two hives by purchasing a new queen?