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    Default ok to use this brood box?

    For our first year of beekeeping last year we got two hives. One of them did great, the other died off at the end of the summer. We put a new package of bees in this hive this spring, but the brood boxes were kind of weird. Especially the top one which we haven't put back on yet but we're about ready for it.

    Here are a few pictures of the brood box, complete with dead bees from last year. Do these look normal? Did this hive likely die to do not getting enough food, or drifting or robbing from the other hive next to it? I wanted to make sure it wasn't due to disease. Also, why does the comb looks so uneven?


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    Default Re: ok to use this brood box?

    A couple things here. Your closeup picture shows bees with their heads in a cell. This is a classic sign of starvation.The second thing I believe I see, is sign of wax moth on the frame.The uneven comb is just something bees do once in a while.Before you attempt to use this box, put the frames in the freezer for a couple days to kill any wax moth larvae that might still be present.

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    Default Re: ok to use this brood box?

    Knock off all the dead bees that you can. The new bees will clean up the mold. It's pretty common to see on frames in deadouts.


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