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Thread: honey Vodka

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    good chat room for home brew, not so pleasant as here, but what do you expect from moonshiners
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    Eliahu, would u be willing to give up ur wal nut cognac recipe?

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    So we had a batch of meade that turned out 'not so good'. Something I learned years ago from making wine, the best brandy comes from a rather poor wine. So I did a little shopping online, found one of those countertop 'water distillers', and ordered it. I guess I accidentally put 4 liters of the 'not so good' meade into it this evening, and what can I say but WOW that end product is nice.

    Going to find a small oak cask this weekend, see if we can start ageing it. It's a pretty harsh brew right now, expected when it's fresh out of the still, but a year in a cask will sure turn this into something to behold me thinks.


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