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    Default Possible queenless swarm??

    Last night I got a call about a swarm of bees at a semi tractor trailer repair shop. It seems that a big rig hauling bees broke down and needed to be repaired. Frieghtliner got the rig repaired and sent the shippment on it's way, however after the truck was gone, the folks at the repair shop noticed that all the bees did not go with the truck even though the load was tarped/screened. After dark these bees congrated on the outside of a Fedex trailer and that's when I got the call. So I go there this morning at first light and there are bees for about 4 feet all along the top of this trailer. They are clinging together but not really located around any one spot, just kinda spread out. I was able to capture about 60% of the bees by using a large putty knife and get them into a deep. All the bees were lathargic and didn't want to fly, so I left the deep on the top of the trailer in hopes that the rest of the bees would move into the hive after the day warmed up.

    So my question is this....What do you guys think about the possibility of there being a queen in this group or they just bees that got loose from the shippment and then when the truck left had nowhere else to go? and will the bees accept the hive or did I make a mistake by leavin the hive there for the bees to just fly away once it warms up??

    I did put some pheramone in the hive and some lemongrass oil and when I left there were bees in the enterance "fanning".

    I will know more tonight when I go back to pick up the hive, but I can't help throwing this out there and seeing what other people might have done or what people think about it.


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    Default Re: Possible queenless swarm??

    I have heard stories about bees at truck stops that "leak" out of the nets while a trucker refuels I would doubt that there is a queen in the groupe. If you have a queen to put in with them you can try or you can add them to a weak hive or-------
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